Georgiana “Gia” Pacheco, a native of Montebello, is co-owner and an attorney at the Law Offices of George B. Pacheco and Associates. Gia shares her talent by volunteering as the secretary of the Montebello Police K-9 Association. This non-profit group is dedicated to finding resources for the Montebello Police Department’s K-9 Unit. Gia assists by organizing fundraising events, from deciding on a location, to recruiting volunteers, to assisting with the event.

Gia is also an editor for the local newspaper, “Montebello Reporter.”  Through her monthly column, “Ask an Attorney,” she provides legal advice, free of charge, to her to community. She also volunteers her time as a legal resource, conducting presentations for residents of Montebello.

Among her activities, Gia has been a judge for the Montebello Lions Club speech contest and a volunteer for the Montebello Unified School District Pathways. She is a strong advocate and supporter of local businesses in the community. Often Gia and her staff take time away from their own busy office to support new business grand openings and other celebrations in Montebello.

Gia Pacheco you are a great model of a young adult serving and sharing your talents. Thank you for caring and for going the extra mile for your community.