Originally Published in the Montebello Reporter
January 2015

by Anne Donofrio-Holter, Contributing Writer

The Law Offices of George B. Pacheco & Associates have been serving the Montebello community and Los Angeles County for over 31 years.

Born in Mexico City, George moved to Montebello when he was ten years old.

A musician and singer, he worked his way through college as a band member, and at one time, managed as many as 16 musical groups. He received his law degree from Northrop Law School in Torrance after completing undergraduate work at UCLA. In addition to English, George speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Daughter Gia, also an attorney, has worked with her father since she was eleven years old.

“He had me working in his office during the summer and after school,” Gia recalls. “It was very important to him that I learn the value of hard work and time management.”

As an undergraduate, Gia was interested in forensic psychology.

“However, after a break from college, I began doing more substantive work for my father in the form of managing his practice and properties, more legal research and learning case and court procedures,” she said. “It didn’t take long to find that I loved assisting my dad in helping people with their problems.”

In 2005, Gia was accepted at Glendale University College of Law (GUCL). Awarded her Juris Doctor (J.D.) in 2010, one of her accomplishments from GUCL was a top score in “Conflicts.”

“While studying for the bar, I read articles on how it had become increasingly difficult for sole practitioners to start and maintain a business. It’s one thing to practice law, but another to run an office,” she said. “I thought it wise to take advantage of the opportunities that I had in my father’s office where he had already established a foundation for our family.”

“We always strive to make every client a priority. I cannot begin to tell you how many clients have said they almost avoided coming to us because they feared the high cost of attorneys or felt they could not be trusted,” said George. “We offer very cost-effective solutions combined with legal expertise and skill. Sometimes avoiding the problem can cost more in the long run.”

Gia considers her father “an awesome mentor and boss.”

“He has always trusted me to run his business and I always strive to ensure we are running smoothly. My family is very close and I think that has really helped us remain successful for so long,” she said. “I have learned so much from him, yet he is always open to change, especially in light of the many technological advances in our profession. I never feel threatened. He challenges me to think like a lawyer and to reason the way a judge might on a case.”

George is proud to see his children follow in his footsteps and appreciate the sacrifice and dedication required to run a successful business geared towards helping others. Dedicated to the City of Montebello, George serves as Commissioner of Financial Investment, president of the Montebello Police K-9 Association and is a member of the Montebello Rotary Club. Both he and Gia are members of various bar associations.

Gia cites travelling as her passion and boasts of visiting more places around the world than in the United States.

“I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Belize and enjoying brunch with my colleagues at Ambassador Carlos Moreno’s house,” she said. “That was an opportunity of a lifetime and it kicked off my passion for travel again.”

Given her many accomplishments, she cites the birth of her daughter Giana in 2011 as the greatest one so far.

“My daughter comes with me to the office a few times a week,” said Gia. “Even though she is still young, I hope she will learn as much as I did.”

A true family business, George’s son Marc, currently in law school, is the firm’s paralegal, and legal assistants Adriana and Michelle are close family friends.

“Your patronage helps us continue supporting organizations such as the Montebello Historical Society, Montebello Chamber of Commerce and other community endeavors,” said Gia. “Our predecessors settled in Montebello because of its promising future. We hope by giving back to the community, we continue to carry on that legacy.”

Although Gia does not see her father retiring anytime soon, she knows “he is proud and excited to know that his children understand what he went through while we were growing up.”

“I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to practice alongside my father,” she added.

The Law Offices of George B. Pacheco & Associates is located at 1453 W. Beverly Boulevard, Montebello, and handles a wide range of legal matters including family law, criminal and DUI, civil, personal injury and auto accidents, Workers’ Compensation, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate planning/wills and trusts, business and contract law, business entities, labor law, real estate and unlawful detainer, intellectual property, entertainment law, divorce and personal injury.