George B. Pacheco Attorney Profile

Attorney George B. Pacheco began his education in Los Angeles at Belmont High School, then transferring to East Los Angeles Community College, transferring to UCLA, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree, double majoring in Political Science and Portuguese. Realizing he wanted to progress his career in a professional field, he found the area of Law extremely interesting. He also had the desire to help people who came from the same socioeconomic background. George received his  Juris Doctorate degree from Northrup University School of Law. Concurrently utilizing his musical talents, he was able to pay his way through law school while managing several bands in the Los Angeles area. Upon graduating law school in 1981 with his Juris Doctorate, he began prepping for one of the most demanding exams administered in the U.S. – the California State Bar Examination. After a year of studying and sacrifice, he was able to pass the CA State Bar exam, and began practicing in 1983. Since then Attorney Pacheco has been constantly learning and analyzing the law.

George B. Pacheco began his legal career at a private practice, and eventually was offered a position with one of the most respected law firms in Los Angeles County – Moreno, Becerra & Casillas. It was at this point that his legal experience grew continually going up against Ivy League attorneys and large defense law firms with great success. Being always punctual, well-prepared, and a very diligent litigator, Attorney Pacheco has gained the respect and admiration of many judges he has appeared before, and opposing counsel he has appeared against.

Attorney Pacheco eventually migrated to his own office and began his private general practice The Law Offices of George B. Pacheco,  in one of Los Angeles County’s Gem cities, City of Montebello. George B. Pacheco continues to serve the Montebello community, not only through providing legal services to the public, but also serving as the City of Montebello Commissioner of Financial Investment, Montebello Police K-9 association president, as a member and sponsor of the Montebello Chamber of Commerce, and as a member of the Rotary International Montebello chapter.

Attorney Pacheco has cultivated the experience and knowledge over these 31 years to become one of the area’s most respected attorneys in a variety of areas of practice.

Today, roughly 80% of Attorney Pacheco’s clients are retained through referral, due to the reputation he has earned over his many years in practice. Favorable results have also become a staple of his practice.

Perhaps the biggest attribute of his business is the “family-oriented” style he continues to offer his clients. In striving to build lasting relationships with his clients, making them feel as if they are consulting a friend, rather than just an attorney, clients continue to offer calls of praise and thanks for the “job-well-done”.